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  • Sharpening The Teeth Of Whistleblower Protection In Japan

    The same applies if a report could not be identified as compliance relevant. We would inform you and recommend a different contact to mitigate your concern if possible. Complaints about the quality of KPMG servicesPlease do not raise formal complaints about the quality of KPMG services through the Whistle-blowing Hotline. Our standard complaints procedures as set our…

  • Psr Approach To Whistleblowing Payment Systems Regulator

    You should also be aware that if you raise a concern anonymously it may be more difficult to qualify for protection under the Act, as it may not be possible to link you to the disclosure if and when an employment tribunal considers your case. Here at Mollie, we believe in being authentic in whatever…

  • Data Protection

    It may not always be possible to provide you with a services if you do not provide us with the information required to do so. There are a number of legal reasons why we need to collect and use your personal information. If you are concerned that we may be processing data about you in…

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